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On a fleeting glance it might seem like the gambling industry doesn't change that much. The most popular games like roulette and black jack are just as popular today as they were on the steamrollers on the Mississippi River 200 years ago.  If you look closer however, you will see that the gambling industry is in fact developing a lot and at an ever faster pace. The last 10-20 years have seen the revolution of internet gambling and the emergence of gambling destinations in Asia such as Macau.  The days when gambling in the United States was limited to Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City or an Indian casino are long gone and it is now possible for anyone to play casino games for real money online, although the legality of offering online gambling to gamblers in the United States is an issue of dispute.

New games are being developed all of the time and even if some of the classic games have stayed the same for a very long time there are also some newer games that has become very popular and that now is a part of the basic selection of games offered in more or less any casino in the world. One such game is Caribbean Stud Poker that despite its immense popularity isn't a very old game. Other examples of new games that are quickly gaining in popularity are Casino Hold'em and Ultimate 3 Card Poker. 

The quickest developments and a majority of the casino news that come out concern online gaming in general and slot machines in particular. There are numerous new slot machines developed for online casinos every year, and traditional land casinos also entice their players with a constant stream of new titles.  Most month of the year see several new games being launched. New games will often include innovative new features and showcase the latest advancements in graphics.  Online casinos often celebrate the launch of new slot machines with free spins for their members or other types of promotional activities.

Online gambling might have been leading the development in the industry in later years but this do not mean that traditional casinos haven´t benefited from the development of new techniques in the area. Many land casinos are ready to open online versions of their casinos as soon as the issue of the legality have been solved an many games on the casino floor have already been affected by this development. One of the developments that has had the biggest impact on game play itself is the possibility to connect several tables or machines to each other and offer a pooled jackpot for a lot of machines, sometimes located all around the world.  Technological advancements have also had a major impact on the security systems that casinos use and how safe it is to play in a casino. One example of this is that it nowadays is possible to go back and look at a video recording of a hand to resolve any dispute that might have arisen at the table. Face recognition, global databases and other software have also made it a lot harder for cheaters and card counters to gain access to casinos around the globe.

The deceptively slow-changing gambling industry is as you can see in fact in an ever changing state of development and it is therefore recommended that all players stay up to date with casino and gambling news to be able to make well informed choices regarding casino play and betting. By doing this you can find out which new games that are worth playing, if there are any new security requirements to consider and  how to play different new games optimally.  This all makes for a more pleasant casino experience. For a great gambling guide, visit


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Published: 2011-08-11 11:04